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Our Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles are supplied from the major manufacturers of Europe. Top of the range tractor units and rigid Lorries from Scania, Volvo & Mercedes, providing the pulling power needed to deliver the goods on behalf of our customers. These vehicles are all fitted with the state of the art communication and tracking systems allowing our team to quote customers with accurate locations regarding their goods and giving accurate ETA’s on all vehicles.

Our trailers, which are required to carry a diverse range of goods are bought to a high specification to meet our customers need for volume and are presented in a clean and professional manner portraying a modern service.

Vehicle and trailer maintenance is carried out by our own highly qualified maintenance team at our depot in Northern Ireland. All vehicles are serviced by schedule with tractor units serviced at regular 40,000 km intervals. Trailers are subject to safety inspection on return to our depot and in any event no greater interval than 1 month.

Vehicles and trailers are thoroughly cleaned on every return to depot with high temperature or pressure equipment as appropriate.

Drivers are all of great experienced and have been trained in the securing of loads and the use of the safety equipment fixed to our vehicles. All drivers keep the vehicles clean and presentable to the best of their ability meeting all the customers’ requirements.

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